Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate people and enhance their knowledge of financial topics like investing in stocks, saving for retirement, and growing their income successfully overtime.

Who We Are

There is so much information out there but it leads you to having no idea where to start. Well, we believe that we have a solution as to where to start your stock investing. We offer a beginners course that goes over the basics of stock investing and the steps that need to be taken in order to succeed in growing your money. We strive to provide quality, easy to navigate content that will, in a short time, help you extend your understanding of financial topics.

What is Most Important to Us

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Quality online content that strives to educate and inform people.
  3. Privacy & Security

Who is CFE Finances For?

Potentially EVERYONE. We are committed to targeting young investors, experienced investors, and even older investors who are looking for ways to invest their savings to turn it into greater income. We strongly encourage signing up for the Investing For Beginners course so you can get a compenhensive guide to what the stock market is and how to invest.